1. Growth of Social Media

Social media has greatly proliferated over the last decade and has led to a global trove of interconnected content and data. Network scientists have been studying social networks for nearly half a century, and never has the opportunity for the mapping of social systems have been so accessible. Nor has there ever been such an […]

2. Engagement Rate

The engagement rate is a way that social media analysts cross-compare profiles to measure the relative efficiency and performance across social profiles. Social media analysts and marketers are very interested in how comparable content performs across profiles. In this series, we will discuss why the engagement rate is incorrectly calculated, what effects that leads to, […]

3. Mining social networks

Same Scenario as Barabasi We mined the Facebook Page network using a breadth of first search method. We analyzed two networks. The first network we analyzed was the basic degree distribution of the Facebook Page Network. We looked at 4.8 million Brands, Public Figures and Organizations and obtained the degrees of each node. We aggregated […]

4. Heterogeneity

Polyna Urn The Polyna Urn scheme is a thought experiment. Think of a cannister of balls of various colors. At each timestep we will pull out a ball and replace this ball, as well as an additional ball of the same color. For example, if we pulled out a red ball, we would replace this […]

5. Polyana URN Scheme

Consider an urn full of different color balls. In a general sampling without replacement statistical thought experiment, we choose a ball with a probability p, remove it from the urn and re-calculate the probabilities for the remaining balls. In this sampling with addition process, rather than remove the ball from the urn, we replace the […]

6. ERDOS-RENYI random graphs

Having explained the concept of Heterogeneity, we will discuss a concept of ERRG briefly as it would be important for the upcoming section. This concept is explained in further detail later in the paper. Random Degree Distributions A network with little structure, one in which is highly entropic and nodes are connected seemingly at random […]